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Engineering Pre-Recruitment Company

Networking Engineers takes care of whole Network related issues in any company. Due to huge IT Projects in India, the demand of Networking Engineer is more of Technical Support and L1/L2 Engineer. This course includes CCNA + Linux.

Renewable Energy is the Future Technology and Government is supporting with special subsidary to promote Solar Energy in India. Candidate can start their own Business in Solar field after completion of this training. Solar Technology is also one of the most futuristic Job option.

Digital Marketing

Our Programs for Industrial / Internship Training

Industrial / Internship Training Program for Pursuing Engineers

Steps to Join Industrial / Internship Training

Telecommunication is a Never ending field and with huge demand of fresh manpower. The knowledge of Telecom Technology is must for the upcoming requirements of 4G and 5G Technologies.


Benefits to Join TechnoBuddy Industrial / Internship Training

Digital Marketing is one of the Best option for any engineer. Due to huge support from Indian Government over Digital India, all companies are shifting their Marketing Projects into Digital Platform. Since, Digital Marketing is not like a normal day to day marketing and required huge skill and online training. Hence, any Engineer (Specially Girls) can take the Benefit of this Program.

  • Training Related to your Field
  • India's Best Engineering Pre-Recruitment Training Certificate
  • Live Training of Technologies
  • 100% Guaranteed Job after Engineering.
  • Guarantee Letter in Written.
  • Technical Add-on for your Resume.
  • Discounted Fee for Group

Note: Our Industrial and Intership Training Program is a Paid Training




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  3. Join the batch in given date and get guaranteed Job Letter
  4. Complete the Training and submit  the Project Report to your College (if required)
  5. Get 100% Guaranteed Job after completion of your Engineering Degree.

      With 100% Guaranteed Job

​​(Only for B.Tech/B.E. Pursuing Candidates)

Telecom Training : B.Tech/B.E. (All Field)

Networking : B.Tech/B.E. (IT/CS)

Digital Marketing : B.Tech/B.E. (All Field)

HVAC : B.Tech/B.E. (Electrical, Mechanical)

Solar : B.Tech/B.E. (Electrical, Electronics)

Why to Join other Industrial / Internship Training, when you have a Brilliant Training opportunity with 100% Guaranteed Job Option. Read Below for more details............

Due to Huge number of Hotels, hospitals and malls, the requirement of Centralised Air conditioned system is increasing. This field introduces the complete installation and O&M work of HVAC system. Very good option for Mechanical Engineers.