With 100% Guaranteed Job

​​(Only for B.Tech/B.E. Pursuing Candidates)

Highly Profitable Business Model 

TechnoBuddy Franchise Model

Partnerhip with TechnoBuddy​

TechnoBuddy is India's No.1, and Largest Engineering Pre-Recruitment Company. We Specially focus on Engineers and this model makes us different from others.

Marketing and Operational Support
We will provide all kind of support to each of our Franchisee and Sub-Franchisee.  We also help them in getting Business through our Special Marketing support program. Franchisee need not have to worry about any kind of operation, marketing, technical related problems.

Multiple Business, Single Roof

We are not only focus on education sector. As per our Model, we will give 3 to 4 more Business options to every franchisee, through which they can earn some more Business from the same Premises.

Investment : 4 - 5 Lakh
Multiple Sub-Franchisee in Single State

Low Investment, High Returns

We are giving highly profitable and guaranteed Business Model, through which, you can easily earn good Profit.

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We have two kind of Business Model

Model - 2

Next Step

Currently, we are not offering Sub-Franchisee Model till 31st December 2017. We are only looking for Master Franchisee's for the below given below locations. If you are capable of paying 6 to 8 Lakh for Master Franchisee Catagory, then only follow the below steps.

Locations Available for Master Franchisee Model

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)

Bhopal/Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Kolkata (West Bengal)

Pune (Maharashtra)

Kochi (Kerala)

Kindly click the Apply Button and fill the Franchisee Application Form.

Soon, you will get the call from our team along with Franchisee Proposal.

Note : Those, whose locations are not there in the Form, may write a mail to us at franchise@technobuddy.in

No Need to have Business Knowledge
To start any business, the knowledge of that business is must. Due to higlhly compitetive market, success to any new business is very tough. Hence, its a golden opportunity for any investor to join hands with us and become a part of Best and already established Brand and Business.

Delhi  -  Hyderabad  -  Mumbai  -  Bangalore  - Raipur - Patna - Lucknow

    Model - 1 

Benefits of Taking Franchisee

Sub-Franchisee Model 
Sub-Franchisee's are the Franchisee who take care of Entire City, such as Kanpur, Allahabad etc. Sub-Franchisee branch have many Technical and Non-Technical courses to run. These courses are the most demandable programs from the Market. We Specially focus on Technical Education but apart from various offered courses, Sub-Franchisee will also get the benefits of Government exam preperations, Distance Education etc. Sub-Franchisee will also get different Business Options from TechnoBuddy time to time, so that they may earn some extra money.

Master Franchisee Model
For each given state, there will be only one Franchisee, which will be treated as Master Frachisee for that Particular State. This Franchisee will get few additional benefits, which other Sub-Franchisee will not get. Also, Franchisee need to take care of regular operational activity of his entire state. Only Franchisee will be applicable to run our Special Series of Programs, which gives the benefit of 100% Guaranteed Job to the Engineering Students. Franchisee will also get some additional revenue income for controlling the Sub-Franchisee's of their state. 

TechnoBuddy is India's Largest, Oldest and No.1 Engineering Pre-Recruitment Company. TechnoBuddy is a part of Sepal Institute of Mobile Technology Pvt. Ltd. We launched in 2009 and till now trained more than 5000+ Engineers. Now, we are expanding our Business Model through Franchise Chain and wanted to give benefits to all the peoples, those who want to start their own Business in a Technical/Education Field. Not only this, we are coming up with few more Business Models under our Group of Companies, which will also become the part of our Franchise Model in future and will give multiple sources of revenue to our Franchisee.

Master Franchisee
Investment :6 - 8 Lakh
Only 1 Master Franchisee in Single State

Brand Name​
As a TechnoBuddy Franchisee, you need not have to create any new identity. You will use our Brand Name at your location and grab the business on our Goodwill.

Engineering Pre-Recruitment Company